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API Issues

Private API Documentation:

Public API Documentation (not really relevant for us right now):

CSharpSampleClient for us as base code

Transfer type for TransferFunds is int amount

  • 0 is probably not valid
  • 1 default for user-user transfer, appears in statement tab (like register for SocialMediaBot), not in payments tab
  • 2 is some system stuff (may appear in payments?)
  • 3 is what we use, appears in statements, not in payments tab

For currency (int cur) used in last parameter for GETBALANCEV2, GETCURRENCIES, TRANSFERFUNDS and GETTRANSFERS

  •  Currency ID to send /  0 is mBTC /1 is Ether  /2 is Litecoin  /3 Dash


All services run on our FairlayServer in the office.

Email:, using my twitter @BennyNitschke
Hendriks account:, username: cockyumbrella, twitter: @cockyumbrella

Fairlay User Ids: 1007202 (DeltaEngine), 1007206 (cockyumbrella), SocialMediaBot (1007226)
@fairlaytip twitter account
/u/FairlayTip reddit account


Fairlay Account: SocialMediaBot  js76masg573DGJ