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Colx Wallet Redesign

/* Buttons and Left menu background: #32A18E (text/icons White), highlight/hover: #3CBCA5 */
/* Top/StatusBar backgronud: #1B3939 (white text again) */
/* Frame or Dialog Background: #214040 (no text here) */
/* Frame Content: #FFFFFF (text/icons black here) */
/* old: [COLOR CODES] DARK GREEN:#214040 LIGHT GRE:#32A18E */
/* WalletFrame { background-color:#1B3939; ... } */
folder for design stuff: src/qt
Colx brand design colors/fonts and logo
Here you can find high quality COLX Images: 
More pics:
Other drafts with themes:
More images from ColossusWolf:
Current progress:
Replace all blue with colx green: #57b987
splash screen text should be gray

Background (Darker Grey): #151515
Panels, Menu Background (Lighter Grey): #252525
Fonts: #ffffff
Green: #5bbb8a
More drafts from ColossusWolf:
Current version for testing (use 7zip to extract): bin.7z
Design from ColossusWolf: