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Connection workflow
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Last modified on 2/18/2019 11:45 AM by User.


Connection workflow

Check out the detailed Remote Control documentation

you have to split the read QR code, see HandleQRScanResult in RemoteControlListFragment

can't use "" with the protocol implementation in this solution, the server is different, you have to use: , you can also configure this url for the quiz player in Quiz Setup or you have to use the local server, to use global server:

these settings will be used when you launch the quiz player


earlier help:

probably using the wrong call QuizCenter is not yet involved here we need more communication on this .. I need to show it to you but first of all the app should start with a list in this list you see all the computer to which you have access (you have scanned the QR code) when you select a computer you connect to the server with the QR token of that computer then the server will call back and tell you whether a quiz center is running or a quiz player or nothing so I'm afraid its a bit more complicated than you may have anticipated I assume you have been playing with the Android version?

maybe its good if you checkin the latest version? I don't see any calls to the protocol layer now... its just created but nothing else you will have to create an instance of RemoteControlProtocol than invoke ConnectAndRegisterRemote() with the token from the QR code then if the server accepts on of the following eventhandlers will be called: OnRegisteredRemote or OnRegisteredRemoteForQuizCenter which one determines the type of UI the user gets to see lets say a quizplayer is already running... in that case OnRegisteredRemote will be called and you can show the screen you have built now (in a tabbed view, along with the lists of questions, players and minigames) if no session is active for the given QR code, the OnUnknownPin event is fired (this name is a bit confusing) so its all asynchronous Note that the QR code is a combination of the token and a display name