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Proposal: QuizXpress Mobile


OK: 1. Milestone: Setup

OK: QuizXpress Setup on Development PCs/Visual studio/Subversion
OK: Understanding Source Code and latest developments
OK: Android Initial Project Setup
OK: iOS and MacOS Setup
OK: Designer Mockups for Login Screen, Ready Screen, KeyPad, Settings
OK: SignalR Login with latest libraries
OK: Virtual Remote iOS (Xamarin iOS technology)


2. Milestone: KeyPad

OK: Experimentation with local wifi support
OK: Local network support in addition to internet based login
OK: Evaluation of NetworkComms.Net and other solutions for local discovery
OK: Automatic local discovery based on logged in wifi
TODO: branding support
OK: Main input screens designed and integrated
OK: Multiple Choice, 2-6, Ordered or Multiple
OK: Fastest finger/buzzer
TODO: Alpha/keyboard input
TODO: Numeric
TODO: Picture
OK (currently no shaders needed): Evaluation of picture effect performance with/without shaders
OK: Build Server Setup
OK: Early Android version
TODO: Early iOS version


3. Milestone: Visuals

UX Improvements of visuals and screens
OK: Portrait/Landscape support and testing on different Android/iOS devices
UX Testing on Android/iOS
Remaining integration of Picture effects, Socoreboard, Countdown clock, etc.
Picture effects
Animations (buttons, text and images slide or fade in)


4. Milestone: Finetuning

Remaining integration of Picture effects, Socoreboard, Countdown clock, etc.
Testing with bad connections, package drop, etc.
More improvements of visuals and screens
Final Android version
Final iOS version


5. Milestone: Extra Work

Reversed for extra work coming up based on what we find out during the project and what makes sense for GameShowCrew
Additional Finetuning
Additional Testing
Additional Programming Work